About us

How BTQ Started

BTQ started off as a mere recognition of a problem from an early Bitcoin investor. Our founder was an economist, and for years he was talking about how there needs to be a radical change from fiat paper money.

He argued that the very concept of paper money defies everything about economics in the first place. Scarcity creates value, so when there’s more money being made every year, it’s going to lose its value. He was right, of course, and over the years, he watched the value of currencies around the globe plummet.

Then, in 2009, a friend of his put him on to something called “Bitcoin.” Our founder had a look at it and realized that it was what he had been looking for all this time. With work, it stood to be a very real solution to the problem he had been trying to call attention to all these years.

Naturally, he began making investments in the coin and monitoring its progress. Our founder is a patient man, but after eight years of stagnation, even he was beginning to get disheartened. That is, until the 2017 boom.

BTQ and 2017

He woke up one morning to see that the price of Bitcoin has exploded. He logged online to see what had happened, and all anyone was talking about was the price of Bitcoin.

He was overjoyed with the attention that the coin was receiving but also apprehensive. As an economics expert, he knew how to identify a bubble when he saw one. He logged into his broker and set himself some limit trades at $18,000 to be on the safe side and left it there.

At this point, he began to think about what he could do to further push Bitcoin into the mainstream eye. This wasn’t just about making a profit for him. It was about securing the very future of humanity.

He had already recognized the death of paper money as a human issue that stood to move the poverty line up a significant margin, and for all its benefits, Bitcoin didn’t help that. Thus, he decided that the best course of action he could take would be to get new, everyday, average people involved with the coin.

He brainstormed by himself for weeks on this; he thought about education, brokers and eventually settled on creating a beginner-friendly trading system.

The Pop

Just as he came to that conclusion, his limit sell orders hit, and he became a suddenly wealthy man. Shortly after that, though, the market burst.

Rather than be dismayed, he saw this as an opportunity and began using his newfound funds to build a team capable of building what was now dubbed BTQ into a trading powerhouse.

It took years and a lot of hard work, but eventually, the team got there, and BTQ was released. Not a moment too soon, either, as we’re on the precipice of another Bitcoin golden age.

The clock is ticking on your investments, so sign up today and start trading.