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The world is undergoing a memorizing metamorphosis right now. Politics is changing, culture is changing, and more importantly, currency is changing.

You see, fiat money is a ticking time bomb. As the years go on, it loses its value. The day the dollar became the dollar and not a representative of gold is the day the US economy was doomed to fail.

It’s only a matter of time before it all comes crashing down. Bitcoin is here to stop that from happening. Bitcoin is the solution to the constantly worsening global economy, and BTQ is your ticket in.

Bitcoin is a Clock

At the end of 2020, Bitcoin is very much a rapidly ticking clock. Already we’ve seen it smash through the $20,000 resistance level to $23,000, which is a new ATH.

There is a very small window of opportunity for you to get your money in before the major gains happen, so get your BTQ account set up before it’s too late.

We aim to get as many people into the new Bitcoin era as possible. It’s unfortunate, but there are going to be people left behind when the great transition happens. These people stand to lose a lot of their net worth, which isn’t fair given that it’s the result of poor economic management.

The issue there lies in the fact that not many people know how to trade Bitcoin. It isn’t on the stock market yet; although there are plans for that in 2021, it’s still a niche that you need to learn how and where to trade.

The point of BTQ is to try and remove that barrier from out of people’s way. We simplify trading as much as possible to allow even the newest trader to get their money in before things go kaboom.

We’ve already seen massive growth at the end of 2020, and that’s only going to increase into 2021, so sign up now while you still can.

Why Use BTQ APP?

How does BTQ App work?

Our trading simplification strategy is based on one thing, and that’s our trading algorithm. What most beginner traders, both here and on other broker sites, struggle with is the execution of trades.

They don’t know what a take profit, stop loss, or limit order is, and they don’t understand any theories of bullish and bearish movement, support and resistance levels, or to be buying the dip. All they see is the price moving up, so they buy, which is the reason they tend to lose.

If all of that sounded like gibberish to you, then BTQ can help you out.

We take all of that complicated trading strategy out of the equation by executing trades via a bot set up around your parameters. It looks at all of these technical aspects for you, leaving you enough time to start investing without spending hundreds of hours learning different trading methods.

The BTQ bot is built on a number of different indicators that help it determine what a good trade is and what is a bad trade.

First, it examines the history of Bitcoin value. Bitcoin is unique in that 2021 is almost mirroring the coins later movements in 2017. We’re at a stage where the support and resistance levels of the boom are coming back into play. 

By examining those levels from three years ago versus the levels and value of Bitcoin today, it’s able to recognize where the coin is going to struggle and how it’s going to move once it pushes past some of those key levels.

It also examines the trading volume of Bitcoin right now, as well as whether the volume is in favor of buy or sell. At the most fundamental level of theory, if more people are buying Bitcoin, then it’s going to go up. If more people are selling, it’s going to go down.

By seeing how the market players are moving in relation to Bitcoin, it can get a very good idea of whether or not Bitcoin stands to make some short-term gains or losses.

All of this comes together to create a system that is more tuned and optimized than any other trading bot on the planet.

We’ve already seen new traders get great results on the platform, so we’re confident that we can do the same for you.

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The 2017 Boom

To understand how Bitcoin is behaving now, we need to look back at this history of the coin.

Despite the big emphasis on 2017, Bitcoin was actually created in 2009. At this point, it didn’t receive much attention at all. It was only worth a few dollars, and it stayed that way up until 2017.

In that year, a major whale trader moved a lot of money into Bitcoin. The volume of that trade was so high that it was enough to inflate the value of Bitcoin overnight. This sudden and drastic change caught the attention of the media, which started running stories on it.

This attention brought even more traders into the coin, which resulted in more attention, and the rest is quite literally history. It was a cycle that continuously pumped the price of Bitcoin up until it hit its previous ATH of $20,000 in a matter of weeks.

Situations like this in trading are called bubbles. Like all bubbles, it eventually popped, and it lost a significant chunk of value going into 2018. Despite that, it retained a good portion of its worth and slowly began building itself back up. Towards the end of 2019, it was back to around $17,000, which is a great recovery compared to a lot of other markets that have never come back from something like that.

It continued to grow in 2020 up until March, when the pandemic hit.

What the 2020 Pandemic Tells Us About Bitcoin

We were able to learn a lot about Bitcoin from the Coronavirus pandemic. The value of the coin crashed once the virus went global, but so did every other market on the planet. However, Bitcoin recovered from the crash far quicker than anything else did, including the likes of gold.

This was because investors began moving their money out of these things and into Bitcoin. Why, though?

Think of it like this. After an economic crash, companies become incredibly unsafe. If business is down, they can’t sell products, and the value of the stock has plummeted, there’s a very real possibility that the company is going to go bankrupt.

If that happens, then the investors stand to lose a lot of money. Bitcoin can’t go bankrupt, which is why so many investors pulled out of stocks and invested in Bitcoin.

Then, there’s the issue of transportation. Buying gold as a regular investment is all well and good, but there are those investing in it with the expectation of an eventual return to it as a currency. The world is heading towards currency collapse, and gold protects your money from that.

However, when the virus hit, it became much harder to move physical goods around the world. If the economy never recovered from the virus, they could be left with gold that they had no access to.

Bitcoin is entirely digital and can move between countries seamlessly, which is why gold investors began moving into Bitcoin instead.

All of this resulted in a recovery that put Bitcoin firmly at the top of the public investment list again.

Once the pandemic eased off and stocks began to get value back, Bitcoin only went up to the point where it broke its ATH of $20,000 on the 17th of December.

What does that tell us about Bitcoin? A few things.

First, it tells us that the big players view Bitcoin as a very safe investment. If that’s where the major money is going during a time of massive economic uncertainty, there is clearly a high level of trust in the asset.

Second, it tells us that doomsday investors see Bitcoin as a real and viable alternative to gold. 

That second part is going to become particularly important going into 2021.

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The Era of Bitcoin

There has been talk of mainstream adaptation of Bitcoin for years, but as the dollar has had one of its worst years in recent memory, that talk has taken on a new level of severity. It’s become so severe that there are plans to begin adopting cryptocurrency into the mainstream in 2021.

They don’t know what a take profit, stop loss, or limit order is, and they don’t understand any theories of We’ve already seen major banks and corporations in Asia testing out crypto for moving trillions across borders, and the results have been positive.

There are going to be regulations brought into the USA in 2021 relating to Bitcoin, and despite what you might think, that’s a very good thing.

While the coin loses some of its romantic value in the states because of that, the actual price value of the coin is only going to benefit from that.

It indicates that it’s going to start being used over fiat currency rather than the dollar or euro, and that’s a very good sign both for your portfolio and for the future of human finances.

What Gives Bitcoin Value?

You may have heard Bitcoin be referred to as “digital gold.” That reference doesn’t just mean that Bitcoin is valuable like gold, but that it very much fills the same economic void.

Gold was used for a long time before paper money grew in popularity. Even today, it still holds a tremendous amount of value. There is one reason for this, scarcity.

Gold is valuable because it’s a currency that is scarce. There is a limited amount of gold, and once that’s gone, there is no more.

Bitcoin is the exact same. There is a hard limit programmed into the blockchain that prevents the system from creating any more Bitcoin past a certain limit. This limit isn’t going to be hit for another 100 years, but it’s there. Paper money, on the other hand, can be printed on demand by banks around the world, hence why it holds so little value.

Bitcoin is referred to as digital gold in reference to that aspect of the coin. It’s poised to take the spot that gold had all those years ago.

Bitcoin FAQs

In the BTQ community, we’re always seeing beginner traders with countless questions relating to Bitcoin and its crypto brothers. While we can’t answer all of these questions ourselves, we have put together a short FAQ highlighting some common ones that we’ve seen recently.

What does ATH mean?

ATH stands for all-time high. It’s the highest single value that a coin has ever held in its history. It’s a particularly important phrase now as many coins are pushing up past the previous ATH mark. It’s an indicator of industry growth and tells us how well a coin is going to do in the future.

How much do I need to invest?

You can invest as much as you want but always invest smartly. There’s a rule in trading that you should never invest more than you can afford to lose. No matter how good you are at trading or how sophisticated our bot is, there is always a chance that your trades don’t work out. You don’t want to be relying on avoiding that risk to pay your rent.

What is your minimum deposit?

The minimum deposit on BTQ is $250. We felt that this was a good number that gave you some flexibility in your trading while also not being too high to keep newer investors out.

$250? I thought Bitcoin cost $20,000?

Yes, Bitcoin does number in the five digits. However, just like a dollar can be broken down into cents to the second decimal, Bitcoin can be broken down into smaller units called Satoshi.

This Satoshi actually breaks down to eight decimals. Therefore, you could, theoretically, buy one-dollar worth of Bitcoin if you wanted to.

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